War Stories: Luke Longatti's SLE

Updated: Sep 27, 2020

An SLE can come in any shape and size, and so can a hero. Senior Luke Longatti's SLE hopes to showcase incredible stories of heroism, courage, and sacrifice through interviews with veterans.

These interviews will be edited with photos and video clips that relate to the topics discussed and then uploaded to YouTube. They will then be showcased on two channels, History with Longatti, Luke's personal history related youtube channel, and the Minarets Veterans Project youtube channel. These videos will serve as both teaching tools and as way to preserve the memory of historical events.

Longatti explained that "the motivation for this project comes from an upbringing that was surrounded by history. I was exposed to every history fact that my dad had to offer." He also has a great grandfather that was in the United States Marine Corps duringWWII and participated in several island invasions including Okinawa and Iwo Jima. His other great grandad was fought on the Home Front as a spy hunter with the FBI in New York City, always on the lookout for German espionage activity.

With his upbringing and family, history has led to a passion for war history and deep respect for veterans of any war. Along with the interviews, He will be asking veterans to sign one of the M1 army helmets from World War II within his collection to forever immortalize their stories in steel on a part of this country's history.


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