Bringing Shoes and Joy to Hermosillo, Mexico with No More Barefoot Children

Senior Erica Hafkey has been working hard on starting her SLE and she needs your help! Hafkey is asking for donations of shoes, whether they are old or new, to hand them out to children in Hermosillo, Mexico, where she grew up.

Hafkey explains “I know how hard it is to provide shoes for these children…so with the help of everyone who donates we can make it possible for these kids to have shoes.” Receiving a pair of shoes from Hafkey means the world to the kids. She says, “the reactions of the kids are beautiful, they are so full of gratitude, pure joy, and happiness.”

This is why Hafkey wants to continue to do this, because it not only makes an impact on the kids but also in the whole community and that makes her extremely overjoyed.

With your donation, you can help make a difference in these kids lives and help this community by simply dropping off a pair of shoes in one of the drop boxes which are located at Minarets High School in room 612, Raymond Elementary School, Raymond General Store, Grocery Outlet in Oakhurst, Spring Valley Elementary School. The last date to donate is Dec. 15 so donate now!

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