Cross Country Season Starts Strong

Updated: Jul 12, 2021

by Dannie Howard

Minarets High School’s Cross Country team has been thriving during this unusual season. Though COVID delayed their practices and meets, the team’s effort has not wavered, and it has certainly paid off. So far, the team is undefeated this season. According to coach Jason Mironyuk, the last meet went very well, despite unusually windy conditions. The team was prepared since their practices train them for a variety of scenarios at meets. A couple of athletes even beat their personal records.

Coach Mironyuk frequently reminds the teams of the mantra: “If you put the work in at practice, you shouldn’t be nervous.” This piece of advice certainly seems to be working, as reflected with the team’s spotless record so far.

For junior Kale King, he has taken another piece of advice from his coach to heart: "You are your worst enemy." He has used this mantra to tell himself to stop making excuses for why he can’t run and to get out there and just try.

King wants parents and students to know that cross country is a great program to be a part of because it builds, resolves, and endures. He explained that finishing the first race of the season is unparalleled and that having a coach and team to push you to accomplish something unthinkable to you is irreplaceable.

The season isn't over for the cross country team, and its future is bright!

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