SLE's in the Ag Department

Updated: Sep 27, 2020


As of recent, the Science department at Minarets High School has been thriving due to it’s amazing and dedicated student who have dedicated their SLEs to expand the farm. Senior Colby Jobinger is making a chicken coop for the the school farm to use while senior Hailie Warnock is building another barn for the farm we have here at Minarets.

Senior Colby Jobinger visiting chicken coups of surrounding FFA chapters.

Senior Colby Jobinger described his project, “For my SLE I’m building a chicken coop for the school’s farm. A poultry facility will give kids the opportunity to show poultry; currently our school doesn’t really have a poultry unit unless you have something at your house where you can do that.”

He continued by saying, “Chickens are also one of the cheapest projects to do because it’s only a few dollars per chicken. Which will allow kids who may not have enough money to buy a cow or a pig to go and show at fair. Also I’m gonna be teaming up with the Ag business class and add eggs to their list of products that they sell.”

Senior Hailie Warnock working on building a new barn.

In addition to chicken coup, the farm with also be expanding with senior Hailie Warnock's SLE. She explained, “My project for my SLE is building a barn at Minarets Farm for cattle, sheep, and goats. This barn is about 35 by 60 feet. This barn will allow for more expansion. This is the first time Minarets will be able to house cattle at the school.”

Hailie explained why this project means so much for her: "FFA has shown me how to show sheep and be a better leader. This has allowed me to help younger kids to become aware of what FFA has to offer for them. With this project I am leaving more room for growth and improvement for not only the students but the FFA program.


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