She Kills Monsters: A Killer Show, Coming Soon

By Joseph Langley and Autumn Pecarovich

The roller-coaster of emotion, action, and comedy that is the play She Kills Monsters is

coming to Minarets this semester as a part of senior Emma Lynch’s Senior Legacy Project. She is working hard in co-direction with drama teacher Kayla West to bring the Minarets students an experience that nobody will forget.

She Kills Monsters tells the story of two sisters who never really got along, set in the world of high school. Agnes is a typical high school girl, a cheerleader, with a sporty boyfriend, and a nerdy younger sister. The two sisters are constantly at odds, but when the younger sister, Tilly, dies, Agnes finally decides to get to know her better. She finds her old DnD campaign, and decides she is going to play it, sparking an adventure full of magic, friendship, comedy, and most importantly, learning to accept others for who they are.

Lynch talked about her inspiration for choosing this play. “When I read the script, I instantly loved it. It is so funny, so different, and the message I took away from the show is really important. I also joined the DnD club this year, and absolutely love it, so getting to combine these two passions will be a lot of fun!”

This is Lynch’s first experience directing a stage production, and she is extremely excited for it. “This show is giving me the opportunity to work in the behind the scenes aspects of theater that I haven’t gotten to experience yet,” she says. “I want to be an actress, or at least be involved in theater in any way I can. This is my passion.”

Auditions will be held in room 611 on Jan. 21 and 22, so be sure to practice over the weekend, get an audition packet, and be ready to give it your all if you are interested in securing your place in the cast! Callbacks will be on the following day, Jan. 23, and the final cast list will be posted shortly after on West’s door. The play will be performed on the nights of Apr. 9 and 10, as well as two shows on Saturday, Apr. 11, all in room 303.

When asked about these auditions, Lynch had advice for anybody thinking about auditioning. “I know auditions are terrifying. I’ve done it multiple times, and it never seems to get easier, but the best thing to do is just try and have fun!” She then continued, talking to those who might be on the fence about auditioning. “Just come anyways! The Minarets Drama department is one big family, and we are always welcoming to anyone who wants to join us. You won’t regret it, I promise.”

If you are interested in auditioning the audition packet can be downloaded by clicking here or found in room 611.


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