Minarets Overtakes Slickrock

By Abigail Campbell

On May 14, 2022 Minarets media students went to the Slickrock Festival at the Fox Theater in Visalia, California, with many of the students expecting only get one or two rewards. However, to much of the group's shock, Minarets was able to take home four rocks, including the best of show reward.

The first film to win was in the blockbuster category, with senior Ryan Abner’s film Legacy, something that has been in the works for four years. We asked Ryan about what gave him the idea for his film.

“It was originally just a loose inspiration of just driving with my grandpa…and a lot of the younger experiences I had with him.”

His film also won the Best of Show reward.

The next film to win was in the General Advertisement category, which consisted of a quick but fun ad for Coast to Coast Pizza, by Ryan Abner and fellow seniors Sam Franco and Brandon Guy.

The last film to win was in the General PSA also by Ryan Abner with the help of senior Lynden Johnson who starred in the PSA. The short film consisted of Lynden sitting in silence, causing the audience to feel a sense of panic, then followed by a buzz. The purpose was to represent the feeling of not being able to check your phone. Winning Slickrock is nothing new to the media department but that doesn't make these 4 rocks anymore of an accomplishment.

Every year the media department gets better so Minarets is excited to see what they can accomplish next year and in the future film competitions.


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