Paige Paints a Pretty Picture

Senior Paige Aston is taking her passion for art and using it to brighten the Minarets community. For her Senior Legacy Project, she is working alongside Senior Helena Palsgaard and Senior Amanda Takash to paint a mural representing the Minarets community as a whole. These three students are collaborating to make this artistic vision see the light of day.

“I have wanted to paint a mural ever since my freshman year. We decided that having students involved would allow for a closer community. Our goal is to make sure that everyone is heard,” Aston stated.

In order to do this, she and her partners needed help, so Aston enlisted the art teacher Jill Gamble and her advanced art and AP art classes to aid her in painting the mural.

“Mrs. Gamble has been a huge help to our SLE. She has worked effortlessly to make sure that we have enough people painting, scheduled meetings during art club to work on it, and sorted out any questions that we have,” Aston mentioned.

Each student has a spot on the wall and their task is to paint something that can represent every aspect of the Minarets community.

Aston believes that once the mural is completed, it will be “a beautiful product of the students' hard work and dedication to their pieces.”

In the future, she hopes that more people will continue to add to it, being able to look at it and see a community that has grown.

Aston concluded, “All in all, we have made a lot of progress with so much help, I cannot wait to see the end result!”

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