New Macbook Reactions

This year every student at Minarets will be receiving, or already has received, a brand new MacBook Air. Getting the laptops has affected the workflow and the way students react to the work given.

When Minarets opened in 2009 it was already a tech-based school, using iPads in the classroom. And now, 14 years later in 2021, Macbook Airs are being used, with Minarets evolving as a school and as a community every time the technology advances. When you track the transition from iPads to laptops and now brand new Macbook Airs—the change gets more dramatic every time.

Evolution is a great word to describe the monumental movements the school goes through when new technology is brought in, and the new MacBooks are only adding to it. Students are greatly affected by the arrival of the laptops and they have interesting points to make as well as great insight into the matter.

Media student Junior Evan Bethel has stated that the new computers are no less than “a dream come true."

Senior art exemplar Paige Aston uses her laptop for her everyday art needs, such as moving from Canva to looking up different textures, making online designs to transfer to paper, and so much more. When she was setting up her laptop she was thrilled to see all the things it came with it that old laptops didn’t.

The mental process of using technology is completely different than of using paper. In some opinions, it's easier to keep organized.

Aston said, “Personally, I like everything organized and put where they belong. I have organized all of my tabs into different groups for each class."

When using the laptops students can customize them to their specific needs. The switch to the new Macbooks was a great idea from the school which has fulfilled the expectations of students and the community at Minarets.

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