Horsepower Coffee and its Kickstart System

Updated: Oct 31

Article by Felicia Keg

Video by Matthew Sanchez

Horsepower coffee is a student-run agricultural business for Minarets high school teachers. It is used as a way to teach business principles to the students. Since 2019 Morning surveys have been sent out to teachers every morning so that shortly after they can get their Coffee and breakfast endeavors. The students make coffee on campus in business class then deliver themselves, either into the class or outside to not disturb classes.

"I'm so happy, I love Horsepower Coffee," Mrs. Righter stated as she received her morning treat.

Many teachers use horsepower coffee regularly according to Ms. Hall, The owner, and teacher of ag business horsepower coffee.

"Our usuals include Mr. West, Mrs. Alford, Ms. Keen, and myself," States Ms.Hall

Horsepower coffee gets their coffee from Mariposa coffee and all of the funds made go back directly to business class. How much is the coffee though? Prices seem to make Mr.Chacon who orders rarely seem happy with the prices and options.

"Even though I have only ordered horsepower coffee a few times, I am very pleased with the service, I think the prices are reasonable and I appreciate having choices- as well as the ease of ordering," Mr.Chacon shared.

Horsepower coffee seems to be working out well for the business itself and for the teacher who keeps it active.

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