• Johanna Ziegler

Drama Has a Sweet Tooth: "Dramatic Desserts" Showcase

Updated: Jan 30

Article by Johanna Ziegler

Video by Emma Lynch

Muffins, cookies, and cakes, oh my! The 2019-2020 Advanced Drama Class is hosting a Dramatic Desserts showcase this Thursday, Jan. 30, to fundraise for the upcoming spring play She Kills Monsters.

Juniors Cara Coombs (left) and Molly Smith (right) practice their scene from Stranger Things

Dramatic Desserts is a two act showcase highlighting different scenes and songs performed by the drama students. These scenes can range anywhere from monologues to famous excerpts from movies and TV shows. Along with the performances, attendees will also have a myriad of dessert options to choose from, all included with their ticket.

Students like sophomore Elsa Crotty are choosing to take the musical route for the show. She and two other students will be performing "The Schuyler Sisters" from the musical Hamilton. Crotty says, "I'm very excited about seeing what everyone has picked...that's really cool and interesting to see what everybody else likes." For Crotty, showcases like these are something to look forward to. "It gives you a chance to be someone else, experience new things, empathize with a new character. Also, it's just really fun."

Sophomores Elsa Crotty (left) Kayla Velazquez (middle) and Jolene Anderson (right) rehearse their song from Hamilton

Drama students will be also doing more than just performing in the showcase. They’re running it behind the scenes as well. Students opting to not appear on stage have signed up to run backstage tasks, sell tickets and desserts, and even act as emcees for the show. “This is mostly student run,” says drama teacher Kayla West. “So students are the performers, students are the ones working the concessions, setup, decorations, pretty much it’s all student run.”

All proceeds from the event will be directly funneled back into Minarets Drama to pay for this semester’s play She Kills Monsters. The story tells of a pair of sisters, one a geek and one a cheerleader, who embark on a Dungeons and Dragons quest as they get to know each other better and deal with the grief of their real life tragedy. She Kills Monsters is also senior Emma Lynch’s SLE project, as she will be acting as co-director of the show alongside West.

Sophomore Aubrey Ham rehearses her song from Girl Crazy

With a drama program so young and rapidly progressing, West wants to give more opportunities to spread the spotlight around. While annual musicals and plays display the talents of the program, they often don’t do justice to the abilities of all the students enrolled in drama. “We do have plays, but it doesn’t necessarily showcase all that our students are capable of,” West explains. “Often, you find these hidden talents or these opportunities for students to be able to showcase their abilities that you maybe didn’t know they had.”

For those interested in supporting Minarets Drama, the Dramatic Desserts showcase will be held Thursday, Jan. 30 at 6 p.m. in Room 303-304. Tickets are $5 for students and $7 for the general public. Parents and students are urged to come out and help support the spring play and the program as well.


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