• Johanna Ziegler

A Lifetime Honor: NHS Induction

Updated: May 18

by Johanna Ziegler

Undergoing a meticulous selective process, eleven new members have been inducted into the Minarets National Honor Society. Recognized at a ceremony in front of parents, friends, and staff, these students had to complete a rigorous application and meet the ‘four pillars’ of the organization: Scholarship, Leadership, Service, and Character.

For those unfamiliar with the National Honor Society, it is a nationwide organization geared towards students wishing to build up their resume for college and career applications. Once accepted into the chapter, members can take part in organizing fundraisers and different service projects for local events and charities.

To apply to be apart of NHS requires an extensive portfolio of volunteer work, personal essays, and recommendation letters from adult mentors and teachers. NHS advisor and English and Spanish teacher Michael Land says joining the organization gives students a ‘pre-collegiate status.’ This status is ideal to have on college applications as it shows admission boards that these students have been officially recognized to be dedicated learners and civil servants. In an era where competitiveness for college admittance and scholarship awards is at an all time high, being apart of the National Honor Society can give students an extra push in the right direction.

This year’s ceremony took place just this past Tuesday. Student officers for the 2019-2020 school year led the induction ceremony, giving speeches on the four pillars of the society and leading new members in reciting the pledge which officially inducts them. The induction ceremony is a long-honored tradition of the National Honor Society, dating back to its formation in 1921. Land describes the importance of the ceremony, saying, “...the induction ceremony is to introduce the community at large here at the school...to those who are going to be new members of the organization...it gives the students a chance to feel as though they have become a member in that particular community.”

This year, the Minarets National Honor Society is proud to welcome these new members:

Joseph Langley

Samarie Duarte

Kealani Peterson

Jadyn Stafford

Daphne Christensen

Mackenzie Pogue

Haylee Crowe

Hazel Taintor

Diamond Bernstine

Gracie Caudell

Michael Sheller

The National Honor Society's newest inductees

Though applications for the club are now closed for this year, students are encouraged to apply next year, even if they applied and did not gain acceptance this year. Land recommends building up one’s volunteer portfolio as well as ensuring one’s ‘academic house’ is in order. He offers this advice, saying, “primarily...try to do something outside of school that would allow us to get a sense of how you better the lives of those people who are not in your immediate family.” Being accepted in the National Honor Society guarantees a lifetime membership; no re-applying required.

With its new members aboard, the Minarets National Honor Society looks forward to what projects it has in store for this year. With a new officer team and advisor, the chapter is teeming with new ideas on how to better the lives of those in the Minarets community.

Article was updated on Nov 4,2019 to correct student name from Matthew Sheller to Micheal Sheller.


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