To Whom It May Concern

Disclaimer: I am not a trained therapist. These are just my opinions.

End of the year nonsense. That's probably what you guys are thinking. I know I am. How can we think about school when summer is so close we can taste it?

My mind is filled up with a world wind of emotions. Both sad and excited to be leaving the one place I’ve ever known. I want to plan for the future not look back at the past. But I guess the point of this is to reminisce and look at how far we’ve come. High school is the transitioning point when where we come from turns into where we’re going.

Dear Sequoia,

Why are they so disorganized?

Sincerely, Marie Kondo

Dear Marie,

What are you doing here? Shouldn’t you be organizing a closet or something? I know it may seem like they don’t have everything in control but aren’t they just as stressed as we are? They have to prepare for the end of the year while also preparing us. They aren’t super heroes. We should give them some leeway. Maybe instead of telling them all the things that they’re doing wrong, tell them how they can do better next year. Look for solutions not problems. I know you’re stressed and it might seem like the end of the world, but being negative never helped anyone. Mr. Kelly told us to make the best of the situation because it's not going to go right every time. We need to be prepared for when things go south. That's why I think this could be the best preparation for us. So come prepared, practice, dress nice and you’ll do just fine.

Sincerely, Sequoia

Dear Sequoia,

What's the appropriate dress code for these presentations?

Sincerely, Fashionably Inept

Dear Fashionably Inept,

I remember you! You’re from the prom edition! One fashion problem on to another. For a boy: slacks, khakis, button up shirts, and ties are prefered. For a girl: dresses and skirts (to the knee), nice blouse, flats or heels. Teachers always say dress for a job interview, but I’m not so sure that works for this situation because who knows what jobs you may be applying to. So how about this, dress for a law office interview.

Sincerely, Sequoia

Good luck on all your presentations. You’re going to get through them, don’t worry. And then you can focus on summer and all the exotic places you’re going or the couch. where you’ll huddle through all the hundred degree weather.

Sincerely, Sequoia

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