Veterans Dinner SLE

Updated: May 21, 2020

A spectacular Senior Legacy Experience Project (SLE) was hosted by seniors Jaycee Roberts and Lauren Childers on November 6th from 5:00pm to 7:00pm. Local veterans enjoyed a dinner, guest speaker, video, and participated in interviews. Dinner from DiCicco's was provided which included a display of salad, bread, and lasagna. A variety of cakes were served as well including the flavors lemon, strawberry, and chocolate.

The evening kicked off with both Lauren and Jaycee welcoming the guests, where they gave thanks for their service, and gave them an overview of how the night would play out. The speaker, David Hall, spoke to the people present giving them thanks as well and telling them about his story. He was chosen to speak because of his connection to the school and community. Lauren and Jaycee then presented a video for Veterans’ Day featuring veterans explaining why they made the choice to join the military. They then had dinner and guests left as they desired. There were a total of 10 veterans that came to the event. They got in contact of students on campus with family relations to veterans and invited the men.

Both of the SLE hosts have family ties to veterans. “It is important and close to our hearts,” they said. “The dinner went better than planned, the veterans got along very well, I’m happy how it turned out,” said one of the project coordinators, Jaycee. “We hope the Veterans dinner happens every year, we want the event to grow and get better,” they said.

Also, Lauren and Jaycee would like to give a special thanks to Ponderosa Telephone for their $150.00 donation towards the dinner.


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