Would You Rather be in Esports, or Sports?

By: Matthew Sanchez

Minarets High School is home to a very diverse community when it comes to career opportunities. From smarts to arts, there is sure to be a class for any kind of person. With many options to choose from, there will always be the question of "which one should I do" or "what would be the best class for me". Well, those are exactly the questions that this article plans to help solve. Welcome to “Would You Rather…,” a series that will take two specific paths and take a deep look into the kind of classes, or activities, there are. This article, in particular, will be going over the question,”Would you rather be in Esports, or Sports?”

The first path we will be looking at is Esports. Minarets is home to a huge Esports community, and each game they play will take people on very different adventures. One moment students can be using cars to play soccer, and then the next they are fighting against Donkey Kong and Samus. Each game can open a door to a whole new world. The Esport team is coached by media teacher Juan Ortiz. While in Esports, students will be able to take part in playing many competitive video games. The two main games that are being played at the moment are Rocket League and Valorant. However, there are also many more games out there. Not only will this allow people to put their gaming skills to the test, but it also gives people a chance to try out new games that they have never heard of before. Also, Esports can lead people down a great number of career paths. However, it is not just the games that make this activity great. The people that make up the Esports community are people that come from all walks of life. No doubt, if you join Esports, you will always find friendly people that are willing to help and hang out whenever.

Senior Bella Velazquez says, "I like Esports because it gives me a chance to play video games and hang out with my friends, who also like to play video games.”

The next path we will be looking at is sports. Minarets is home to many different sports teams. There's football, soccer, cross country, volleyball, and much more. If you like outdoor games, Minarets has many. All these sports are run by many different people. This includes Marry Pearson, Coach Johnna, Micheal Vaughan, and many, many more wonderful coaches and teachers. Depending on what sport you try, you will get a different experience. Cross country will take people on a series of races through many different terrains. Volleyball will test people's skills of hand-eye coordination as well as team work. Basically, just like Esports, each game will open a door to a whole new world. Also, all these sports can lead to many different careers. However, it is not just the games themselves that make the sports great. The people that make up the sports teams here in Minarets are hardworking and supportive people. You will come to find out that being in a team is like being in one big family.

Senior Erica Hafkey says that she likes sports because she likes the thrill that comes with trying to push herself over the limit with each game, and how everyone else that is in her team feels the same way. In the end, win or lose, she says that they all feel accomplished and proud of each other that they all improved in some way.

So which activity is more popular, Esports or sports? After a few days of students voting on the Minarets Press Instagram page, the results are in: it seems that Esports has claimed victory. However, in the end, both Esports and sports have a special place in the hearts of everyone in Minarets.

Thank you so much to everyone who took part in voting, you all were the real writers that made this article possible. If anyone has any suggestions on what should be the next question for “Would You Rather…”, then please leave a comment on the article page.

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