What Will You Promise?

Updated: Sep 27, 2020

by Autumn Pecarovich

Because I Said I Would- a movement that changes lives. Minarets students gathered on Feb. 3 to listen to the social movement’s founder Alex Sheen speak about how the loss of his father sparked his desire to keep his promises. Maddie Wristen as part of her SLE asked him to spread this movement to Minarets and has given 10 promise cards to each student at the school. After hearing Alex Sheen’s recorded speech students saw Wristen’s accompanying compilation video of student’s Because I Said I Would promises.

When asked what inspired Wristen to establish the movement at Minarets she said, “I actually heard Alex Sheen, the creator of the movement, speak at the California State FFA Convention. It was really amazing. He really inspired me”. In order to get Alex Sheen to speak to our school, Wristen raised funds for the movement through a yoga fundraiser with Yoga Club president Caitlin Flanagan. Wristen stated, “They were generous enough to let him speak for us and make a video because of our donations toward their organization.”

The movement has distributed more than 11 million promise cards to over 150 countries and will inspire many more because of this event. Wristen’s video features Because I Said I Would statements from a wide variety of students. Senior Mandi Villenueva said, “I will work hard in all of my academics and extracurriculars so that I can become a first-generation college student because I said I would.” AG teacher Eduardo Rubio promised to “change someone’s life because I said I would.”

Maddie Wristen’s SLE’s effect does not end here at Minarets as students will keep these promises and spread the message leading to a lasting ripple effect. The simple phrase “because I said I would” has the power to create dependable, honorable young adults.


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