Welcoming the 2021Mustang Cheerleaders

To start off the Mustangs football season, we see our cheerleaders out there eager to start cheering on our football team. Last season, unfortunately, got canceled due to COVID-19 restrictions so the girls weren’t able to get out on the field and cheer on our football team. Luckily, this year had a huge turn around and the girls are now able to do what they love most, be out on that field, and cheer their hearts out.

“The teamwork and the work everyone puts in” Senior and captain Alex Ralph stated when asked about her favorite aspect of cheer.

Maegan Kraige and Amanda Takash, who are two of the girls on the varsity cheerleading team also had lots of positive things to say. There are many new girls on each team this year. We are excited to see what the upcoming cheer season will look like, keep it up cheerleaders!

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