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Think You Can Lift 1000 Pounds?

Updated: May 17

by Oberr Ramirez

Students enrolled in the Minarets Weights class are part of a new competition put on by teacher Sean Hileman. This is a weekly event that is already underway, and people are excited to see which lift will be the highest and some have already reached the 1000 pound goal.

The main core workouts are bench press, military press, squats, deadlifts, and power cleans. These lifts need to be completed with optional lifts in tow. The first week starts off with a 50% max. Contestants start off small and make their way up each week. The prize is a shirt stating that they lifted 1000 Lbs. The optional lifts are curls, pullups, situps, tricep exercises, and other workouts after mandatory workouts. The routine for each week is a warm-up routine for day one followed by a course of lifting instructions, day two is technique instruction, and day 3-4 is when they start their maxing.

The participants in this activity work about four days a week to aim for 1000 lbs. It’s all friendly fun around the weight room; people are revving to go but there is no aim to beat any one. Moises Agundes, junior and one of the winners of this competition, states the something that drove him to do enter the competition was to get fit and ready for upcoming sports.

He and many others expect to see lots of people to push through their limits and break all the way to that 1000 pounds. This is a test of strength, focus, commitment, and sheer willpower.


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