The Present and Future of Band and Performing Music

Updated: Sep 27, 2020

Article by Oberr Ramierz and Merriah Dubois

For the students at Minarets High School, students are given the opportunity to pursue different talents and learn new skills in a variety of ways, including music. Music teacher Brett Moglia explained that "in music and other categories of music arts students are pushed to be exposed to broaden their musical desires to be the enjoy and discover themselves as musical artist” explained Minarets music director and teacher Brett Moglia.

Show Band performing during their live broadcast during Community Day 2019.

There is importance to having music programs at schools even if it may seem unnecessary. It is often found that music impacts students in numerous ways, including improving student self-esteem. Just like any activity when there is a goal that is your own and you can accomplish it, there is a new sense of confidence when that goal is achieved. For some students with a heart for music those goals are what motivate them to be great. Senior Davis Cesar described,” I picked up trumpet in fifth grade and I was soon enthusiastic learning, it wasn't that stressful in the long run as some people might think. You just have to be willing and learn to be independent and practice on your own. You can’t just play to be good.” 

Rock Music Performance band performing at Fall Showcase 2019.

Freshman Dawn Garcia’s goal in music started in elementary school, when she picked up clarinet; it sparked the passionate pursue to play. Soon that became a road of new possibilities: "A friend introduced me to ukulele, and that’s where I continued to branch off." She made more goals for making an artist of herself when her inspired when she listens to music. Now she aspires to be a vocalist. 

There are other skills that are gained by learning an instrument including social skills, work ethic, and creativity. Music not only calms the soul but, sharpens the senses and the skills to do other things, but it “is not to be underestimated” explained senior Davis Cesar. It took effort for him to be the trumpet player he is, but he “wouldn’t trade it! During my freshman year here at Minarets I was more anti-social at the time. Gradually being here encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone and being in band made that possible."

Percussion performing at the Homecoming Rally in 2019.

The Minarets music department has fluctuated in size over the years for a variety of reasons. Moglia explained, "there was a limited and tight budget during the early years of the school and some of the programs had to be eliminated”. Now there are many things to choose from including, choir, show band, percussion, singer/songwriter, concert band and rock music performance. One of the most memorable moments for Minarets was having a combined concert tour where students collaborated with students from Australia and was able to gain more experience with those away from the community with similar interests.

Some students may have the potential they never knew they had and are given the opportunity to discover their passion for music and a variety of music programs to choose from at Minarets. Students are welcomed to express themselves in a musical art form and encouraged to practice their passions with professionalism. 

Be sure to come and check out the RMP band as they will be performing on April 18 at the art show.


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