The Future of Minarets Leadership

Article by Keira Evans

Video by Joshua Stevens

Throughout the past three years, Minarets has gone through quite a bit, with COVID and starting back up in person full-time this year, has been a little rough. Despite all of this, the leadership team has managed to make quite an entrance to the 2021-2022 year.

The team is led by Counselor Jessica Chacon and Media Teacher Juan Ortiz. From what the leadership students have said, they are incredibly fortunate to have the two. Chacon has told the students multiple times about how great the team is and how they are the best group of kids she has worked with. Just by walking into the leadership room, one can tell the team has chemistry, which definitely explains why they plan such amazing events.

With such a great team this year, training the new incoming students should be a walk in the park.

Senior Jonah Ewalt, who is a part of the team, says, “The future of leadership is in great hands, due to all the people I know that may go into leadership like underclassmen. If they decide to go into leadership it will be a great team as well.”

Leadership is also a way for kids to get out of their comfort zones. Many of the kids that are in leadership all say that they are so grateful they joined. When you're entering high school, it can be difficult to make friends and feel welcome. In leadership, everyone is welcomed with open arms and appreciated for the work that they do. Many people join leadership and realize it is so much fun and simply a great environment to work in.

Sophomore, Violet Bellisario explained that her brother was in leadership and it made her want to join. As soon as she got there, she knew she had made the right choice. Everyone was welcoming and it helped her get out of her shell and be more of a social person.

It seems safe to say that the school is in great hands for the upcoming years of leadership. Many people enjoy having a great time while helping out here at Minarets knowing that they contributed. This seems like a great team to be trusted with making the school a better place!

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