The Effects of Music in Education

Music has been a huge part of society since the beginning of time and it seems as if humans are not able to live without it. Movies, video games, or even common activities wouldn't be the same without music. Music is and has always been, everywhere. Now it has made its way completely into the school system. The question is: What are the effects of listening to music while learning in school?

Some research shows that music can really affect you while learning, whether it be positively or negatively. Studies show that students who work in silence have better comprehension and reading ability. Music with higher intensity, like hip-hop or rock, has been shown to greatly decrease students' reading comprehension and ability to learn while listening to it. Even though those types of music are more intense, the volume of the music played has an even bigger role than the actual music that’s played. It has been said by an article written by Nancy Barile that the louder the music, the worse the cognitive performance, showing that it didn’t matter what kind of music the students were listening to, it still distracted them massively due to the volume level.

As a student, I think that the only music that could help you focus while studying or learning is classical music. I find that music with lyrics and catchy lines is very distracting to the people listening to them because they can get distracted and completely lose track of what they were reading. I even find myself singing the song that’s playing rather than actually paying attention to what I’m reading or what the teacher is talking about.

Music can become addictive to the average high school student. It could affect you in a good way, but it could massively affect you in a negative way. Music seems to be everything nowadays, so make sure you are listening to the right types of music that won’t be a distraction while you work.

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