The Boys Soccer Kick off their season!

The Minarets varsity boys soccer team is kicking off their pre-season strong and has been working hard at practice learning new skills and improving everyday.

English teacher and head coach Michael Vaughan has high expectations for his boys this season, saying, “this could be the most successful year in boys soccer history. I expect to go to the playoffs and challenge for a D6 title.”

Senior Kristain Beighy has been playing all four years of high school and shared his thoughts on how this season is going to be different from others. “This season is different from all my other seasons because I’m a senior so it's kinda like my last chance to ball out with my boys.”

Senior Gabriel Castaneda shared his goals and his favorite thing about playing. “My main goal for this season is to score over 25 goals. My favorite thing about soccer is being on the field and snapping kids' ankles.”

With the coaches and players having a positive outlook on this season, the team should make it far.

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