Students Ride Their Way Into the Winning Court

On Feb. 15, Minarets FFA hosted their 7th annual Donkey Basketball. The stands were packed with students, teachers, and families and the game consisted of students, staff, alumni, and even California FFA State Officers, Jake Dowell and Marc Cabeliza. During the event, there was music, food, a photo booth, and fun. Whether a spectator was new, or returning, they seemed to enjoy the game.

Donkey Basketball, an annual event that the community has come to love and enjoy, has not been held since 2019 due to COVID. This left staff, students, parents, and people of the community even more eager and excited to finally be able to hold the event this year.

Chemistry teacher Eduardo Rubio explained, “[it] was a great game. It was very nice to see the community come out again and be able to do an in-person event for all to enjoy. Unfortunately, seeing Mr. Land fall down repeatedly was a highlight that made my cheeks hurt from laughing.”

This year, the planning committee for Donkey Basketball was given only a short window of time to plan, as the event had to be canceled with the donkeys becoming unavailable until the last minute, when the committee found out they would be able to put it on.

Rubio says, “With it being short notice, we definitely were feeling the pressure but we knew it was all hands on deck and everyone who worked on this really pulled their weight and allowed it to be very successful with the time that we had.”

In the end, he was happy to say that it went “smooth like Jiffy peanut butter.” Moving forward, he explains, “We have lots of ideas that we can do for next year but we are keeping those a'll have to come see next year.”

Stephanie Gibbs, the mother of a student at Minarets, experienced the event for the first time had an experience like no other. Gibbs had never seen a Donkey Basketball game before, but explained that it is something that you won’t want to miss, especially in person.

The mom then went on to say, “I thought it was hilarious, specifically when the teachers would fall off the donkeys.”

Gibbs says she can’t wait for the next 8th annual game. The event was a huge success for Minarets FFA and they are excited to see what next year will bring. At the end of the night, the student team beat the staff team. The staff is preparing for their comeback next year.

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