Student Feature: Hunter Ahrens

Updated: Sep 27, 2020

by Colby Jobinger

The Minarets Ag Shop is now the proud owner of a new group of welding booths custom-made by a student at the school. Senior Hunter Ahrens is a four-year participant of the Ag Mechanics program and he has just completed a year and a half of work on something he’s very passionate about.

Senior Hunter Ahrens working on the welding booths.

Last year, mechanics teacher Richard Chapman approached Hunter with a problem. The Ag Department received new 302 dimension welders from Fresno City College that didn’t fit the old booths. Hunter and Chapman worked on two prototypes before deciding on the final booth. Hunter started this “little project” as he called it in the Ag Construction class his junior year. When he started his goal was for it to be “different”. The pipe stand design is fully adjustable to allow for many different ways to weld. Hunter, who has toured other high schools and colleges, hadn’t seen a design quite like his own. Hunter revealed that he hopes that his project will be something that on tours will really stand out.

Hunter adapted his original plan of building three booths into building five more for his SLE. After school alone Hunter estimates he put in at least one hundred fifty hours on top of his four periods of Ag Mechanics and being a (SPC) Student Project Coordinator. Ag Mechanics years one, two, and three, now use all the welding booths for class projects.

Having gone through the program, Hunter wanted to contribute something that will last and these welding booth will be used by his fellow Ag mechanics students today and into the future.


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