Spooky Stories Competition 2021 Results

Every year, Minarets Press hosts a Spooky Story Competition in which students submit their scariest stories. We are happy to announce that the winner of this year's competition is sophomore Kaleia Dey with her story, The Tapping Never Stops.

The tree outside my window always annoyed me, every night the branches and leaves would tap against my window keeping me awake. I tried so hard to ignore it, I mean there was nothing I could do about it till someone could come cut it down for me. For a while I forgot about it, it was just a normal thing that happened each night, but it seemed to get louder and louder each night, just probably my mind playing tricks on me though. One night it was so loud and irritating I got someone to come in the next morning and cut the branches down.

Finally I would be able to sleep peacefully considering the branches were gone. I woke up around midnight, I heard tapping? Why? I thought the branches were gone? I turned over taking a look at the window, eyes, someones eyes staring right back at me their hand tapping the window. I was frozen in place, what could I do? Maybe if I act asleep they'll go away, so I did just that. It felt as if hours had passed, but still no sunlight outside. I sat there praying they would leave, then the tapping stopped, I waited a second before peaking again and no one was there. I slowly sat up just thinking about what happened I didn't know what to do, but before I could even process it I heard the front door jiggle then open. No one lives with me or even has a key to my door, then why did I hear it open?

Thank you to everyone who entered!

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