She Kills Auditions

Updated: Sep 27, 2020

by Janine Alven

Auditions for Minarets Drama's production of She Kills Monsters were held on Jan. 21 and 22 with callbacks on Jan. 23, 2020. The cast consists of eighteen students, twelve playing character roles and six playing ensemble roles. After speaking with senior Emma Lynch, who is co-directing the play as her SLE, about the auditions went she said “the auditions went really well and I was surprised on how many people came to auditions, because some of the students that auditioned have never been in a production”.

The roles that the cast will play consist of:

  • Senior Rebecca Townsend as Agnes

  • Junior Molly Smith as Tilly

  • Sophomore Ryan Abner as Chuck

  • Sophomore Donovan Eniram as Miles

  • Senior Mandi Villaneva as Vera

  • Senior Lindsay Martin as Lilith

  • Junior Johanna Ziegler as Kaliope

  • Sophomore Zane Pearce as Orcus

  • Sophomore Erica Hafkey as Evil Tina

  • Sophomore Hazel Taintor as Evil Gabbi

  • Freshman Abigail Campbell as Steve

  • Sophomore Jolene Anderson as Farrah

  • Sophomores Elsa Crotty, Logan Ramirez, Laura Rohrbaugh, Kayla Velazquez, and John-Paul Uribe are part of the ensemble

Rehearsals have already started with the first table read on Monday, Jan. 27.oth the cast and crew are already excited for this production and for what they have planned for it.


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