Return of the Lip Dub

By Janine Alven

2022 saw the return of the Annual Minarets High School Lip Dub, which is the first since March 2020 and one of the last things to happen on campus before Minarets was sent into quarantine.

The 2022 Lip Dub featured a mashup of "We’re Not Gonna Take It" by Twisted Sister and "Rock N Roll All Nite" by Kiss, keeping with an 80s rock theme. Though the Lip Dub features all of the Minarets student body, some students were featured front and center as the main talent.

The main talent weren't the only ones having a role in making the Lip Dub possible, the entire advanced media class made the technical side run smoothly. Alongside senior Bella Velasquez, both leadership and advanced media organized the entirety of the Lip Dub.

After about seven takes, the 2022 Lip Dub was a success and, as the last event before Spring Break, it was a great way for students to kick off its start.

For those wishing to view the final version of the Lip Dub, it is linked here: Minarets High School Lip Dub 2022

As this is principal Dr. Daniel Ching’s last year as the Minarets High School principal, the Lip Dub was dedicated to him.

Special thanks to the main talent for the 2022 Lip Dub:

Junior Makayla Agundez

Sophomore Violet Bellisario

Junior R’Majae Bernstine

Sophomore Kendall Conti

Junior Laney Cornett

Freshman Laura DeSilva

Senior Jazmyn Evans

Senior Brandon Guy

Senior Erica Harkey

Junior Jaylin Hogan

Senior Trever Jobinger

Senior Melia Kamalini

Senior Abigail LaSpada

Freshman Niko Lombardi

Junior Katelynn Mangan

Junior Zachary Martin

Sophomore Grace Noonkester

Freshman Lila Oster

Senior Autumn Pearson

Senior Alex Ralph

Senior Isabella Romero

Senior Ally Sorenson

Freshman Emma Suehiro

Senior Nyx Uribe

Senior Aiden Millar-White

Junior Sarah World

Principal Dr. Daniel Ching

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