Percussion Starts the Year with a Bang

Updated: Sep 27, 2020

by Cara Coombs

Percussion performing at the Homecoming Rally.

Percussion students kicked off the school year by performing at football games and, rallies. The percussion program is led by music teacher Brett Moglia and has grown bigger each year. Moglia described, “The percussion class is centered around concert band and that includes performing at rallies, games and spring concert. One of the main music pieces that are played at a rally is a cadence.”

"These cadences are the focus of the first semester. Students learn how to perform as a group, and use the equipment- specifically the mallets. A cadence is similar to a song but everything is drums. Junior Oberr Ramirez said that “Percussion is a place where you can have fun.” This fun was most memorably shared at the recent Homecoming Rally where percussion students showcased an elaborate performance.

According to Moglia, the percussion class has grown over the last six years, but the program is now the largest it has ever been with eighteen students. These students will continue performing throughout the year and we eager to see what else they have in store.

Check out part of their Homecoming performance below that was captured by Johanna Ziegler:


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