Ortiz is the Bee's Knees

Updated: May 18

by Colby Jobinger

Back to school is a very chaotic time of year. Teachers and administration rush around preparing for the year and students try to grasp onto the last days of summer and not let it go. 

Then school starts. For media teacher Juan Ortiz, this school year will be filled with new challenges. Ortiz is very well known at our school and our community as a very talented media teacher who brings out the best in his students. Not many people know, however, that he was selected to be the new leadership teacher here at Minarets. With his prior experience teaching leadership for a “brief stint at McLane” and having been at Minarets for five going on six years now, Ortiz has many ideas to bring to the leadership class, including the new I.D. card program that is already being implemented. 

Ortiz pictured with the rest of his leadership class.

In the past I.D. cards have been just something students carry in their wallets or backpacks with no real purpose, but this year they are tied to class points, participation in rallies, and attendance for games. This is an idea that is going to be put into place to encourage involvement and also create a sense of school pride. Another idea Ortiz wants to push is “just overall school pride”. Ortiz went on to say, “School pride is really driving me in all things I do, doing the I.D. cards or like half time games at sports or promoting the school play, I really just want the students to be involved in all aspects of the school.” 

Ortiz is setting the bar high for the school and his leadership class with goals of getting events planned and set up early, weekly updates, and getting more students involved. The leadership class is ready for these challenges and they hope you are too. 

This year is going to be a very high action, busy year for Ortiz as the new leadership teacher and the class. New changes, new ideas, and the pressures of putting on Prom and school dances may seem hard but Ortiz is more than capable to handle the challenges and come out on top.

Mustangs get excited for this year because a lot is coming from Mr. Juan Ortiz and the leadership class. 

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