Minarets Signing Day

Updated: May 13, 2019

Minarets High School is known for adding their own little twists to high school traditions or creating their own like the annual lip dub or the annual school wide Community Day. These events make Minarets unique and sets the school apart from others. Signing Day is one such event that Minarets has tweaked to make it their own.

Singing Day 2018

Nationally, signing day is associated with high school athletes committing to a college to play a certain sport. This limits a good majority of the student body who will not go on to play at the collegiate level. But like any other tradition, Minarets has made it their own thing and “we want it to be more than just about sports” says Jessica Chacon, counselor at Minarets.

The Minarets twist on signing day is that they are expanding who the event is about. Minarets will acknowledge all the graduating seniors with a video to make the event more inclusive. This video will substitute students signing a letter of intent. The clips that will be used in this video were shot during the SAP week. This signing day video will also be incorporated into a longer senior video which will be played at graduation on June 5th. The video is going to be compiled by seniors Josiah Freeland and Vanessa Nelson.

Senior Rally 2017

This video will debut at the Senior Rally on May 24th. Chacon “thinks it is inspirational, [and] it allows people to understand that as long your pursuing something whether it’s college, the workforce, or the military, you’re able to fulfill a passion.” In fact this video may inspire other students to form new goals and pursue them. Who knows?

Good luck to all the graduating seniors, and may you fulfill your goals!

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