Minarets and the Esports club

Esports is a club that brings people together by playing select games depending on where and when the esports activity is held. Esports first started off when an official video game competition happened at Stanford University on Oct. 19, 1972, for a game developed in 1962 called Space-war. It made its way up from competitions that were very official or big, but never titled, until the late 2000s. 2010 hit with Esports actively being significant in the gaming community with many game developers actively designing and providing funding for competitions and other branded events. It has come so far that now technology-centered schools, such as Minarets, now have Esports clubs with many students in them.

Covid really put a setback on Esports last year, specifically minarets with kids who had been active in Esports graduating or dispersing as plans were not able to be made, then new students not having an idea of what to do left Esports to die off a little. Now they are rebuilding and finally getting back to where they were before with recruiting new kids and planning Esport related activities or events.

Mr. Ortiz, the coordinator of the club says that basically just attending the meetings and being in the discord server puts you in. It’s a great club as it gives the kids who play video games, who don’t necessarily get involved in much of anything a home, a group to be a part of and to get involved with.

“It’s definitely something that a lot of people have an interest in so having a club where they can be involved in that and meet other people who are involved in that stuff and sharing that interests was a good thing,” Mr. Ortiz stated.

Coming up for minarets and their Esports club;

They have planned for competition in the winter, mainly rocket league and league of legends are focused as they usually hold competitions, before that they will start recruiting and figuring out teams probably here soon. Along with Media nights hopefully starting back up and Jerseys are soon to be ordered with the sponsors and student's number and name on the back.

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