Meet the 2022-2023 Key Club Board

By Janine Alven and Acacia Edeluchel

As we approach the end of the 2021 - 2022 school year, things are wrapping up for everyone and the students returning next year are deciding what they are going to do for the next school year. With this in mind, clubs around campus are beginning to elect their new officers, one of these being Key Club.

Key Club is a student-led organization dedicated to community service and developing leadership. On Mar. 3, 2022 the Minarets Key Club held elections for their new officers for the next term. Out of the 10 students nominated for the new board, seven were elected and are now serving their terms.

Senior Laura Rohrbaugh, who is the president for the current term, had some advice to give to the new board members, “My advice to the next board is to work together and make all decisions as one that way there is less time spent on debating and more on helping.”

Rohrbaugh also reflected on how the past year has been for the board that she has led for almost a year.

“This year of service has definitely been a challenge with a lot of ups and downs. It has been difficult this year to get new members to join, however, the people who have joined have been extremely helpful. I am proud to say that this year we have found new ways to help others both online and in-person, like Color A Smile and collecting school supplies for Spring Valley," said Rohrbaugh.

The new Key Club Board Members are:

President: Katelynn Mangan,

Current Junior

Vice President: Acacia Edeluchel,

Current Sophomore

Treasurer: Rhyanne Ashworth

Current Sophomore

Editor: Janine Alven,

Current Junior

Secretary: Zachary Martin,

Current Junior

Senior Director: Jaylin Hogan,

Current Junior

Junior Director: Millie Emerson,

Current Sophomore

The Freshman and the Sophomore Directors will be elected at the start of next school year.

Junior Katelynn Mangan, Key Club President-elect, shared what she plans to do as president, “I want to get more people involved in Key Club, and reach out within the community to get the club more involved, the new board and I also have some new ideas for service opportunities in the works for the rest of this school year and going into next school year.”

The new board members took office on March 31, 2022 with an official installation night taking place at a later date.

Looking forward to next year, Key Club Advisor Therese Righter also shared some advice for the new board.

“The best advice I can give to next year's board members is to remember that Key Club is YOUR club. I am merely an onlooker. The Board is who decides which volunteer opportunities and fundraisers you will participate in. The Board is also the voting group who decides how much and where the club's money is spent. This is all YOU! Without YOU as an entire group, the board can fall apart, which can result in the entire club falling apart. Keep a calendar. Stay organized and businesslike, and you will be successful; therefore, the club will be successful!”

With that in mind, all of Key Club is excited to see what the new board has in store for the club.

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