Lip Dub 2020 is Bulletproof!

Updated: Sep 27, 2020

Article by Jaraith Rios and Solon Walkers

Minarets’ annual Lip Dub on Feb. 28 was a resounding success, with the whole school participating in the production. Several student organizations, such as the FFA, GSA, and NHS, were representing  themselves with signs and flags. This year, the chosen theme of the Lip Dub was “retro”, to go with the 2009 hit song “Bulletproof” by synth-pop duo La Roux. Along with the ‘80s - ‘90s costumes of the video’s main talent, there were performances by Minarets Dance and Cheer.

Planning and organization for this year’s production was done by a fairly small group. The primary organizers were media teacher Juan Ortiz, seniors Mandi Villanueva and Emma Lynch, and sophomore Ryan Abner. Abner was also the camera operator this year, making use of the newly-purchased Sony a7-3 camera and professional quality gimbal to bring us the highest quality footage possible.

Media teacher Juan Ortiz had this to say about why Minarets does the Lip Dub every year. “What’s important to me is just doing a song that kids like, kind of have fun and have a good time. I want the talent to have fun with it, and encourage them to do a lot of choreography, to make it look really cool. But the main thing is I just want it to be a fun thing for the school, to get everyone into it and excited to come to school that day.”

It’s safe to say that this annual event has given the school an eventful day year after year. If you want to see the previous Lip Dubs, check out the full playlist here!

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