Lights, Camera, and Perform: Showband Live

Updated: May 17

by Kathryn Odgers

Video by Kathryn Odgers

This year was a new opportunity for the Music Department as Showband live-streamed an hour-long performance for Community Day! The group has always gone to different venues during the day and performed for small audiences, proving to be a difficult challenge, but this year wanted to reach as many people possible through a live stream and make it easier for setting up. "The idea was to not worry about transportation and also be able to reach everybody who wanted to watch, as well as having a good recording for the kids to take home" Brett Moglia says, director of the Music Department, "Anybody who wants to tune in and watch it is available on the school's Facebook and watch it now. The kids will have something to go back and look at their accomplishments over time".

Showband along with the intermediate and advanced media and engineering classes helped set up the stage in the Rock and Percussion room for the live stream, setting up colorful lights and equipment for the instruments and recording. Mr. Moglia commented on everyone's ability to set up, saying, "The day before Showband went in and set up and we had a run-through of all the writing, and so we used it to see how it would look and had advanced media students helping out with the broadcast itself. It was all really a circulative effort from everybody and takes a lot of parties to put off something like this". Only a few hours after streaming the video has lots of views on Youtube where the video streamed, and the Media Department hopes to make next year a bigger success and making it school-wide. "We'd involve all the different projects next year so we can see what's going on all around along with the music performance" Mr. Moglia mentioned.

The show consisted of the group singing several songs for the hour-long live stream, along with intermissions where viewers could see the setup process in between songs and interviews from our Minarets Press journalist Kathryn Odgers. We asked several members their opinions on the live stream and the group this year where they answered positively, saying it was a great group and overall streaming idea was a fantastic idea for people to watch them perform!

Showband, in particular, has come a long way since the beginning of the semester, starting off with many new members since the previous year's seniors graduated and have been very successful within a short amount of time. "Showband's really coming in on its own and we've been able to add some new songs, some very difficult ones such as California Dreamin' by The Mamas and the Papas, and other songs were very challenging but they pulled it off" he commented, "We're just in the winter months adding songs to our repertoire and reaching out as much as we possibly could". We cannot wait to see their upcoming performances next semester with the intricacy of new songs and the growth of the group in the months ahead!

Watch the full stream on Media director Juan Ortiz's channel here!

More photos from the live stream are available on Flickr


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