Joseph Langley's Ambitious Authorial SLE

Updated: Sep 27, 2020

by Joseph Langley

Article by Solon Walker

Video by Colby Jobinger

Senior and Editor-in-chief of Minarets Press, Joseph Langley, is tackling the monumental task of writing and publishing a full-length novel for his Senior Legacy Experience. “It’s a bit ambitious, but I’m also trying to include a full cast of voice actors for an audiobook,” Joseph said. “We’re going to start recording around next semester, in January.” 

This is Joseph’s first foray into novel-writing, but not his first into writing in general. He’s written several short stories, and even had his work featured in a published anthology. Doing the book as an SLE has given him the opportunity to go a little bigger. “This is my first chance to have the time, and have the school workload to actually do it, because it’s part of my school. So I can write a full-length novel, and hit that milestone as writer.”

Joseph plans to release the first four chapters of the novel in audiobook form by the end of January, and to have the entire book published by June 1, 2020. Keep a lookout for updates on this incredible project in future Minarets Press releases!


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