Playing Sports Positively Impacts Students' Identities

Sports are a major thing in the present day and almost everyone has heard of or has participated in some kind of sport. Whether it be the new upcoming Esports or the standard physical sports, they all give some sort of reward for participating, be it money, fame, happiness, or a healthy mind and body.

American writer Daniel Carnegie said, “Remember, happiness doesn’t depend upon who you are or what you have, it depends solely upon what you think.”

Of course, you can be just fine without sports, but they are backed by the CDC (Center of Disease Control and Prevention) in that they can promote a healthy mindset and body. There are many ways to train your body, but the three are the most recommended to do as a teenager are aerobic exercise, muscle training, and bone strengthening. These are the most important things to work on as a teenager and early adult so that you can live a healthier life down the road. Many sports include all of these types of training, from tennis to football.

Now that we are nearing the peak of the winter season at Minarets, soccer has started and the team is practicing for their upcoming games. Most practices include aerobic and muscle training. Aerobic training involves your cardiovascular system which helps you breathe easier and have better endurance. Muscle training involves training the muscles, which helps you be able to run faster, kick harder, and take hits that could otherwise be damaging.

There is a huge physical benefit to sports training, but it isn't all physical, it is also mental. Aerobic exercise can help you learn to push through when your body is telling you no and also achieve new accomplishments. Sports can make the team feel like family, so the personal connections formed can provide a good way to cope with difficult situations. Sports also provide a healthy way to vent anger and stress because you release that energy onto the field and come out better than ever.

Sports have been available as an activity to keep fit and healthy for decades now. They continue to offer entertainment and mental and physical health benefits to those that play them. Being a student can be stressful at times but there are things to enjoy about it too, such as sports. Being healthy when you are young can lead to a healthy, happy life.

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