Incredible Athletes of Minarets Unified Sports 2019

Updated: Sep 27, 2020

The Minarets gym has seen many athletes come through its doors, but none were as memorable as those competing in the Special Olympics on April 25, 2019. The event was organized by seniors Regan Fringer and Sabrina Lanfranco for their Senior Legacy Experience. The event began with the Opening Ceremony in the Minarets gym where the athletes from Madera High School and Yosemite High School were escorted in with great cheers by staff and students alike.

Elisha Mahaffy waving to the crowd of students as he carries the torch.

With the arrival of the athletes, one of the participants led those in attendance through the Pledge of Allegiance and participant Michael Bates led led the Athlete Oath. The games officially began after Elisha Mahaffy carried the torch around the gym. Enthusiasm could be seen on all the faces of those involved and everyone could tell the day was to bring great fun.

Basketball and soccer were the sports assigned for this year's Special Olympics. Watching from the sidelines, it was clear that everyone was fully immersed in their sports as were the Minarets students volunteering at the events. These athletes were able to showcase their months of preparation and bond with their fellow athletes, the volunteers, and the crowd.

The day ended with many farewells and high spirits. The athletes all played wonderfully and showed respect for each other and for the individuals who had set up the games. They served as a powerful reminder that strength and resilience can overcome adversity.

An enormous thank you to those who helped plan this event, especially to Regan and Sabrina. The athletes got to experience wholesome fun and see how the Minarets High School community supports and encourages one another. The smiles from these young athletes as they left the campus is one that will be remembered and cherished forever.

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