Impact of the Class of 2019

Updated: Sep 27, 2020

Each year Mustangs come and go. This Wednesday, it is with heavy hearts that we say goodbye to our seniors. This group of young adults have accomplished so much in their four years here at Minarets High School and we can all agree that they will all accomplish so much more in the future years.

Everything from the Every Fifteen Minutes Project to the Chicken Little Movie Night, it has impacted our school in positive ways. Every senior has been influential this year. According to junior Isabella Zarate, “Kim Vargas has impacted me the most this year because she is so positive and so wise and she gives great advice." Sophomore Gabriel Hawley felt that “Josiah Freeland has impacted me the most this year because he is always friends and puts me in a better mood”.

The 2018-2019 school year was a very busy year for both under and upperclassmen, but SLE’s have been a top priority all year. According to sophomore Kylee Jones, Relay For Life was the most memorable event for her. But sophomores Molly Smith and Cody Huckabee felt that Every Fifteen Minutes was the most memorable event for them. Smith explained that “Every Fifteen Minutes was memorable for me because we are getting to a certain point in our lives where we are learning new things and driving is one of them. Because of this project we were able to see the dangers that come with driving and we all just need to work together to keep everybody safe while on the road”. Huckabee elaborated that, “Every Fifteen Minutes was the most memorable for me because it made the biggest impact.''

Although some of us still have a while before we graduate we would like to wish you all the best of luck so here is some advice from us to you that we hope you will take to heart:

“I think it’s really cool that you guys have accomplished this stepping stone into your future and I hope you impact people that you meet in the future the way you have impacted us. Just don’t forget where you came from and good luck," said sophomore Cody Huckabee

“Follow your dreams and accomplish everything you have always wanted to do," said sophomore Kylee Jones

“Stay positive and make good decisions," said junior Isabella Zarate

Good Luck Mustangs!

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