Congratulations to the Best of the Best 2020 Winners!

The Minarets community gathered around their screens on Monday, May 18, to watch the annual Best of the Best ceremony that was streamed live through the Minarets Facebook page.

To create an engaging event, Head of Charter Patrick Wilson produced the video ahead of time which included the Minarets teachers and staff introducing each award and the nominees. He also served as the host where he added in some humor and silliness regarding the ongoing quarantine and stay at home order.

While the ceremony was significantly shorter than the typical in-person event, it still gave students, staff, parents, families, and community members the opportunity to gather virtually and celebrate student success throughout the year.

Congratulations to all the students who received a Best of the Best award:

Creativity Award:

Ryan Abner

Best Underclass Language Arts Student:

Sophia Kennedy

Best Upperclass Language Arts Student:

Joseph Langley

Collaborator of the Year:

Synovia Wold

Emerging Scientist:

Jadyn Stafford

Seasoned Scientist:

Mackenzie Camacho

Rising Star Award:

Aubrey Hamm

Broadway Bound Award:

Emma Lynch

Remi Lee Community Award:

Rebecca Townsend

The Denominator (Underclass Math):

Cyrus Joslin

The Numerator (Upperclass Math):

Mackenzie Camacho

John Green Award (Underclass Historian):

Sarah Wold

Jane Addams Award (Upperclass Historian):

Joseph Langley

Male PE Student of the Year:

Jonah Ewalt

Female PE Student of the Year:

Taylor Wallis

Jacob Cullen Male Athlete of the Year:

Thomas Joseph Garner

Female Athlete of the Year:

Melia Kamalani

IT Innovator of the Year:

Kennon Bradley

Apprentice of the Year:

Paige Camacho

Journeyman of the Year:

Hunter Ahrens

Underclass FFA Exemplar of the Year:

Brayton Stenberg

Upperclass FFA Exemplar of the Year:

Mackenzie Camacho

Best Vocalist of the Year:

Analiese Torres

New Musician of the Year:

Evan Bethel

Musician of the Year:

Jayci Coon

Upton Sinclair Award (Journalist of the Year):

Johanna Ziegler

Jon Corippo Award (Best Underclass Speaker):

Adrienne Hall

Mike Niehoff award (Best Upperclass Speaker):

Colby Jobinger

Nuevo, Pero Bien Bueno Award (New Spanish Student):

Kale King

El Mero Mero (Advanced Spanish Student:

Mandi Villanueva

Lider del Ano (Spanish Class Leader of the Year):

Luna Moreno

Dancing Dreamer Award:

Michael King

Emerging Artist of the Year:

Sophia Kennedy

The Kandinsky Award:

Savannah Stout

Leonardo da Vinci Award:

Abigail Boatman

New Media Student:

Benjamin Essau

Intermedia Media Student:

Ryan Abner

Crossley Award:

Emma Lynch

Project of the Year:

Benjamin Essau's Junior Thesis

Mustang Grit Award:

Darrin Coleman

The Mustang Award:

Kathryn Odgers

Freshman of the Year:

Sophia Kennedy

Sophomore of the Year:

Hazel Taintor

Junior of the Year:

Johanna Ziegler

Senior of the Year:

Joseph Langley

Certificates and awards will be given out at a separate ceremony in the fall.

You can watch the full event on the Minarets Facebook page and, eventually, Minarets Youtube channel.

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