Boys Basketball Battles Adversity in Rocky Start

Updated: Dec 15, 2021

Boys Varsity Basketball has gotten off to a rough start this season. Starting 0-5, the team has disappointed itself in multiple games, with losses in games that could have been won. This comes amidst a very abrupt and surprising change in head coach with former head coach Chris Bedolla stepping down from the position after the first game of the season. History teacher and former head football coach Bob Kelly has taken the position with coach Jen Simmons. Together, they have been implementing a whole new offense and defense intended to simplify the game. This seems to be working, but it does not come without growing pains. As previously mentioned the team has not won a game yet this season, which is due to the youth of the team and the coaching switch.

The team is very young, with three key rotation players being freshmen. These players are skilled but lack experience. Because of this, the team is rapidly improving, and despite the losing record, the team is still positive and hungry. The typical practice starts with a layup drill that directly ties into the main offense the team runs. After layups, they will usually move into defensive slide drills, a player will walk or run down the court while another player tries to stay in front of them while staying in a defensive position. After defense, the team works on running the offense and press break. Every practice this team is getting better and expects to be competitive in the league standings by the time league games begin in January.

This team has been battling a lot of adversity but continues to work day in and day out, and despite the rocky start, it's looking like the team can right the ship and get back on track this season.

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