Behind the Scenes of Minarets' Production of Frozen Jr.

On Dec. 10 and 11, the Minarets Drama Program performed Frozen Jr, their first musical since 2019, in the school gym. The show was the biggest in Minarets history, with a total of 287 people attending opening night, breaking the previous record by more than double. The show was met with very positive reviews, but how did the show come to be?

During the last three weeks, drama teacher Kayla West has been working tirelessly to prepare. With finalizing costumes by making sure everyone had everything they needed, adding minor tweaks to the choreography, and blocking scenes along with many other things. West called the show a challenge. “I was very excited to do this show but this was also the biggest cast we’ve ever had with 35 students.”

Despite the fact that her role of director grew to include different areas such as choreography, she believes it all paid off. “It was very well received and I'm very proud of how it turned out.”

It wasn’t just West who worked hard. All of the cast worked extremely hard as well with countless hours going to practicing the songs and choreography along with getting all their lines down to help the show be as amazing as it could be.However, the show wasn’t all just cracking down and being serious all the time. There were many fun parts with many long lasting memories.

Senior Jonah Ewalt, who played the fun and lovable role of Olaf, claimed their favorite memory from working on the show was being able to be backstage and all the fun they had. “There were times where we would just do the macarena to calm our nerves, and it was honestly just really fun.”

Senior Erika Hafkey, who played Anna, had a similar memorable experience. “I really enjoyed dancing and singing with everyone backstage in between shows.” She also enjoyed when everyone would calm each other down. “Everyone was so caring, this was my first time with a lead role…they were so understanding.”

A very overlooked, but vital role is the stage crew. They are the main component in ensuring that the show runs smoothly whether that be doing hair, moving props or even sound and lighting. Senior Bella Velazquez was in charge of the sound for the show and stated that she had done the sound for many of the past shows and, because she is a senior, wanted to do it one last time.

Overall, the majority of the cast and crew could agree that the lead up to the show was both an amazing and stressful experience that they are all proud of being able to be a part of and are excited for what's in store for next semester's play as well as next year's musical.

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