Assemblyman Bigelow's Advice to Minarets Seniors

Updated: Sep 27, 2020

Last Friday, May 17th, 2019, our very own State Assemblyman Frank Bigelow took a day off from his job at the State Capitol in Sacramento to visit Minarets High School's class of 2019 seniors to give them advice as they advance following graduation.

Mr. Bigelow amidst his speech to our senior class

The purpose of Mr. Frank Bigelow's visit was to inform the senior class about how government is closely tied to everyone even though it may feel as if it is not. He also spoke to the seniors of the importance of a college education and how it will benefit all seniors that pursue it in the future. Additionally, he got the chance to answer some questions that the seniors had about college as well as the lawmaking process on a state level.

Mr. Frank Bigelow has also been involved in informing Minarets students about the functions of local and state government this year in that he invited the AP Government/Macroeconomics class to tour the State Capitol in Sacramento on Wednesday, May 1st, 2019.

The students on this field trip got to tour the Assembly Floor of the Capitol and sit at the desks of Mr. Frank Bigelow's fellow assemblymen/assemblywomen.

The students on the field trip sitting at the Assembly Floor

The field trip was a great learning experience for these students and Minarets as well as Mr. Robert Kelly are very thankful that Mr. Frank Bigelow gave them this opportunity.

Mr. Robert Kelly's AP Government/Macroeconomics class poses for a final photo with Mr. Bigelow

Although Mr. Frank Bigelow's visit was very successful and helpful to students, some may still ask, "Why did Mr. Frank Bigelow visit the senior class specifically?"

Mr. Robert Kelly had the perfect answer to that question:

"It is the same reason why my students and I went to Sacramento. It is so you can see a real human being who might even live right down the street that makes the laws that we deal with every day. If you know that the government is made of real people, it will be easier to deal with the government in the future and understand the laws that affect you."

At the end of his visit, Mr. Frank Bigelow closed by thanking the students that toured the Capitol and asked them to stand.

"I would like to thank these students for taking the time and interest to tour the Capitol with me and learn more about the state government."

Minarets High School would like to thank Mr. Frank Bigelow again for his visit and involvement with the seniors this year.

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