Adapting With The Times: Jayci Coon's SLE

Updated: Sep 27, 2020

by Luke Longatti

Senior Jayci Coon had a vision to teach younger kids how to make music. She had it all figured out, creating lesson plans for elementary students at Spring Valley, North Fork, and other mountain area schools. Suggesting and arranging the possibility of having designated Music electives, but when schools were cancelled everything had to change. She came up with an idea to adapt to the new world we are living in, she decided to utilize the programs and devices she has at her disposal to teach these kids. She now offers private online lessons to any Minarets student that wants them.

“I aim these lessons at want to be musicians, they can learn several instruments if they have one at home or basic music theory. Beginner things” Jayci is able to teach these aspiring musicians Guitar, Piano, Wind, Brass, ect. as well as basic music theory and music reading. Jayci hopes this will be the first step toward her career as a professional music teacher.

In order to schedule lessons, please contact Jayci Coon over social media or email . The lessons are free for any students in elementary through high school.

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