A Night of Riches: Senior Scholarship Night

Updated: Sep 27, 2020

As the countdown begins for graduation, Minarets seniors were graciously awarded $135,650 in scholarships during the Senior Scholarship Night, on Wednesday, May 23. There were thirty-six different recipients of who earned scholarships from multiple sixty organizations in our local community. It was night full of glee as each senior was awarded and recognized for their hard work over their high school career by receiving financial support for pursuing higher education.

Families and community members gather in the gym to celebrate seniors.

"Senior Scholarship Night happens every year at Minarets High School," explained Head of Charter Patrick Wilson. "It's around 20 to 30 agencies in the area that provide scholarships to our seniors. There's a thorough application process and there's a lot of voting...This will be the biggest year yet in terms of dollar amounts and the number of awards." This celebratory event was established in 2012 by teacher Therese Righter and counselor Claudia Vandenbergh. Righter estimated that over the last seven years half a million dollars have been raised for Minarets seniors.

Senior Sophia Mendosa, a recipient of eleven scholarships, gave an inside perspective of the event and the deadlines that lead up to it. "It took a lot of my time to write the essays and fill out all of the paperwork for these scholarships," explained Mendosa. "I took my time and made sure to make my essays sound as good as possible and make a nice-looking resume." She had recommendation for upcoming seniors: "Make sure that you don't procrastinate on it because you will regret it. Really take your time on applying for them and apply for as many as you can because you never know which ones you'll win".

To current seniors who are graduating very soon, congratulations on your achievements and awards after your time spent learning and persevering. This event will continue on into the future and help to produce more confident Mustangs that are ready to step into the unknown and conquer it.

Good luck fellow Mustangs and future innovators, creators, and entrepreneurs!

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