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Updated: Sep 27, 2020

Our Music Department has grown exponentially since its initial start and has gained lots of recognition this year. Showband is one of Minaret's professional bands that has played at numerous music at live events in the county and at school. The Music Department also includes Concert Band, Singer-Songwriter, Rock Performance, Choir, Percussion, Guitar, along with Sound and Lighting who have all dedicated themselves to help set up and perform over this year as well. Since the first semester, every student has worked hard to practice songs, work together, and perform on stage for many to see! They have tremendously improved since the beginning and have dedicated themselves to early mornings and late nights, playing in extreme temperatures, breaking boundaries, and working together as a family.

This year's Showband has had many opportunities to perform at many events, such as performing on television at the Great Day Event and the ABC 30 television event earlier in the year, opening ceremonies such as Tesoro Viejo, and many more! The Music Department has pushed themselves to be more inclusive over the events in the county, as well as at Minarets High School.

We asked some of the current members to talk about this year and how they felt about being apart of the Minarets Music Department and their overall experience.

Patricia Stockton is a freshman in the Music Department and is very enthusiastic about being apart of it. "I've been apart of band since fourth grade and I've loved it" she explained, "My favorite part would have to be playing, learning new music, and playing past pieces from advanced band last year". When asked about to reflect over the year, Patricia said that she greatly improved because of the Music Department director, Mr. Moglia, and her band members. She feels very passionate about her music as she plans to take part in Showband and Concert band over the next three years of her high school career, learning and having fun with what she loves most.

Cassidy Smart's has been apart of Showband and feels excited and overly happy about being apart of it. For Cassidy, it's helped her improve herself as a performer, saying "It has broaden my strength performance wise. I have always been a performer with my violin, but Showband has made me a more well-rounded performer". She has loved entertaining others on stage and seeing them get into the music since she knows their band has worked so hard to play them.

Showcase Night (Picture by Kathryn Odgers)

Their band is almost like a family, especially after everything they've been through with the challenges of playing and performing. "Showband is like a little family and we stick together. We all progress in our own way, but it's always with some help from the other members". Being in music for one year has greatly impacted her life and future, saying "I'm able to say I was apart of a band and have an amount of experience handling equipment and much more".

Savannah Stout has been apart of Band, Marching Band, and Showband and feels deeply touched by music. "It's had a huge affect on me" Savannah says, "It has really helped develop my confidence in performing, not to mention all the life lessons and lectures from Mr. Moglia. The class itself just really inspired a new kind excitement regarding music for me". She says that there has been many good and bad things about being apart of Showband, but she would do it again if she could. "There's a lot of low points like messing up songs which feels absolutely terrible. But these lows are nothing compared to the highs of being in music. I can't even describe a better feeling than going on stage with my closest friends, completely rocking out together, and then hearing the crowds scream after. It's incredible. I go home after all those good shows feeling exhausted but buzzing with happiness. It's my most favorite feeling". Without any doubt Savannah wants to continue playing music next year as it's apart of her life now. "Moglia is an outstanding music instructor" Savannah said happily, "The band room feels like home to me. With Moglia and his music classes, I'm able to do this with fellow musician friends that makes me so incredibly happy. Of course I'll do it again next year!". Before ending her interview she wanted to give a special message to the seniors graduating who were apart of music this year: "Oh you seniors, I'm so proud of you and everything you've done for Showband and the music department! We really couldn't have been as great as we were without you guys, what are we even going to do next year? Your replacements have some big shoes to fill!"

Choir at the Spring Concert (Picture by Kathryn Odgers)

The Music Department's 2019-2020 Music Representative, Jayci Coon, felt very optimistic about this year. "This year was amazing" She said, "Last year was my introduction to Showband but this was my first full year and we became a family of sorts. It was really awesome playing with all my friends and performing places together, communicating on stage without words. It was great that we were all together". Although in reflection this year was very good, many of their members are seniors and it's sad to see them go. "We're going to miss some really cool seniors" Jayci sadly, "For example, Adam our guitarist who was amazing this year and some of the singers". However, one thing that excites her is all the incoming students into the music department next year. Every year, every semester, and every day is different than the rest in the Music Department. One of her main goals for next year is to make a difference in the music department by making her SLE (Student Legacy Experience) to improve the department, with inspirations from her music teacher, band members, and this year's seniors. "A lot of people overlook music so I want to represent music and show that music is such an important thing to have" she says.

Taylyr Moglia was happy to be apart of Showband this year and feels that Minaret's Showband was one of the best high school bands she had ever seen. "Not just because of the music" she explains, "But because of how everyone worked together and how professional it is". She has been apart of Showband and Concert Band since middle school and has had the opportunity to see the Music Department grow. One of the things she loves about the music department, Showband in particular, is how well everyone worked together. "When we start on a new song, a few weeks later we put all the different parts together. It just amazes me how everyone in the band works together" Taylyr explains. She highly recommends for those who are interested in doing music to never be afraid of asking questions and never giving up, no matter how hard the challenges may be. It can be very difficult playing music and singing at times, but it's completely worth it after. She wanted to let the seniors know how much she'll miss them, saying "I will miss you guys so much and I'm so glad you guys decided to join up this year". While next year starts a completely new chapter, Taylyr plans to continue to be apart of the Music department for her high school career and follow her music passion.

As seniors say their goodbyes, we asked them what they took from this experience from being in the Music Department and what they plan to do in the future.

Senior Emily Scriven has been apart of the Music Department for two years, being actively involved in both Choir and Showband. Over the years she's seen it drastically improve, feeling positively impacted by being apart of it. "It affected me in a lot of good ways actually" Emily said, "I actually felt welcomed into the band and I love that. Music has always been apart of me since I was about two years old. I really love music and being in Showband has helped me embrace the music side of me. So I'm really glad I was able to be apart of this experience".

When asked to describe the one thing she enjoyed most, she couldn't decide. "I honestly don't know" Emily said, "Sometimes you get yelled at, or you have your moments. But what I really enjoyed about it was the singing. I absolutely loved being in the harmonies! I love being in a lead sometimes and just singing, it really brings me out". When talking her future, she said that music has impacted her decision on what she wants to do after high school. "Music has somewhat affected me as I have been debating on whether I should join the police force by being a criminologist or if I should audition for American Idol next year and pursue my career in music" said Emily. "I'm really going to miss it. It was literally apart of my life" she confesses, "Showband has improved a lot since I've been in it these past two years. I'll miss the kids here. I'll miss the band". One thing she aspires students who are interested in doing music next year is to learn from your mistakes and try again. "Just get out of your shell and find your comfort zone" She began, "Have fun! Don't be afraid to fail because if you fail you can always get up and try again. You learn from your mistakes and just keep pushing yourself forward".

Senior Adam Colgin has been apart of Rock Performance Music, Showband, and has assisted students out in Guitar, Singer and Songwriter, and Percussion as an SPC (Student Project Coordinator). Since the age of ten, Adam has been passionate about music and playing guitar which the Minarets Department has allowed him to further his ability to play. "Each performance was different and each had their own set of challenges. We had to learn different ways to set up the stage, set up our own gear, and get past technical difficulties".

Adam Colgin at the Hillside Performance (Picture by Kathryn Odgers)

One thing he loved about Showband was how the members were committed to their craft and took it seriously, but also being able to meet new people in the Music Department. "Being apart of a band in high school has allowed me to learn how to communicate better with other people and how to be in a professional working band. It's given me the experience of performing and the opportunity to learn from other people" he said. He remembered during the first few weeks of Showband when Mr. Moglia introduced him as a very talented guitarist. "He introduced me as a super good guitarist who could shred a lot" he reminisced, "But when my very first solo came up I didn't practice and I messed up a ton. It was kind of embarrassing but I think I've made up for it since then". Adam also mentioned when he was nominated for Guitarist of the Year in the Best of the Best awards when the only other person nominated was a senior at the time, for him it meant a lot that he was selected for his first time. High school has allowed new opportunities for Adam to further his music career as he plans to pursue being a music theory professor, video game composer or a web developer. One of the things he advises for students interested in music is to work hard and learn as much as you can. "Learn from different genres and music theory so you have the ability to communicate with other musicians".

Senior Ceciley Varian has been apart of three different classes, Showband, Choir, and Guitar, over her high school career and is proud to say that it's greatly impacted her. "I have a lot more confidence in myself and signing" Ceciley reflected, "I now know that I'm able to get up on stage and enjoy it more than anything". Being apart of the Music Department has allowed her to meet new people she wouldn't of normally met and learn how to perform.

Ceciley Varian and Cassidy Smart at Hillside Elementary (Picture by Kathryn Odgers)

She says it's affected her life and future, saying "I will continue to perform and grow my confidence even after high school. It has always been my escape, emotionally and physically, as it has helped me to grow. I just get really into what I'm doing sometimes that nothing else seems to matter at that time. I wouldn't be who I am without music. I am so passionate about everything I do with it. I want to thank everyone who has helped me to grow and grew with me through Music". When asked about if she had any advice for those who are interested in pursuing music or any other passion, she expressed that they should just go for it. "Don't be so scared" Ceciley said, "Even if you are, then definitely try your best. It will take you very far and allow you to express yourself in ways you couldn't think you could".

Their performances were superb this year! The Music Department and students continue to demonstrate professionalism and impressive skills through all their hard work and performances! We'll miss the seniors who have molded Minarets Music into what it is today, but will remain excited for the future of the department as they pick up where the class of 2019 left off next year! We appreciate their dedication and skill that fills our ears with wondrous music, thank you Minarets Music!

Pictures by Kathryn Odgers

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