South Gate Film Festivals Results

Updated: Sep 27, 2020

The Southgate Film Festival went to new heights this year under the direction of senior Josiah Freeland for his SLE. Started by alumnus Cole Shattuck, the festival is an amateur film making contest with multiple categories.

These categories include an public service announcement (PSA), comedy, swede, and 5 item blockbuster. There were also categories for the age groups: 5th - 8th grade and 9th - 12th grade. Each category has its own expectations and rules. For example, the 5 item blockbuster category has to be completed using the five items: cup, plastic fork, button, bat, and an Ace of Spades playing card, but besides that you could let your creative juices flow.

Aspiring filmmakers from all over the valley gathered at the Tower Theatre to hear the results of the film festival.

For the PSA category, first place went to the film Anyone created by Minarets students Mandi Villanueva, Austin Mitchell, and Emma Lynch.

For the comedy category, first place went to Buchanan High School student Kaitlyn Gilman and her film Just a Simple Lunch with Friends.

For the swede category, first place went to Minarets High School students Isaac Shapiro, Connor Finnegan, and Nicholas Roland with almunus Cole Shattuck and their film Se7en.

Finally, Minarets High School students Conner Henard, Ethan Hill, and Cameron Johnston received first place in the 5 item blockbuster with their film Who Killed Captain/Commander Conner.

Congratulations to all the winners and to everyone who participated. To see all the film, go to the Southgate Film Festival Youtube page.

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