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Disclaimer: We are not trained therapists, these are just our opinions.


Hello everyone! Oh, do I have a surprise for you! For this special article, for a one time appearance, I welcome... Penelope! Say hello Penelope.


Hey guys! I’m Penelope, I’m a junior here at Minarets, and I consider myself AMAZING at giving advice!


“AMAZING.” Wow that’s a big word Penelope! Let's hope you live up to the high expectations that you just set. First things first, how about you start by introducing our topic for this week.


Our theme this week is Prom. Soooo.. Prom is coming up very soon! Have you asked that someone special? Have you found that perfect outfit? Don’t worry. We are here to help!


Oh Penelope, what would you know about the perfect outfit? I heard a rumor that you are wearing VANS! You know the little tennis shoes with the laces.


Okay, you know what.. Heels are very uncomfortable and are quite expensive. I’ll gladly save my money for dinner that night.


Food is delicious! Now stop wasting these nice people's time. Let's cut to the chase.

Dear Penelope,

Where do I find the perfect dress?

Sincerely, Fashion Inept

Dear Fashion Inept,

Here’s my advice to you: SAVE. YOUR. MONEY.

There’s this amazing store called Windsor in Fresno. They have hundreds of choices for great prices. Why spend hundreds of dollars when you can find the perfect dress for under $100? Windsor is located in the Fashion Fair Mall, and they have a website with more options. Nordstrom Rack also has some pretty good choices! If you are willing to spend a little more for a name brand dress, I would recommend Macy’s. Some trends you’ll see this year are: glitter, statement two pieces, high-low, rose gold, and sequins. Good luck finding your dress!

Sincerely, Penelope

Dear Sequoia,

There's this girl I really like, and I want to ask her to Prom, but I’m worried she’ll say no. What should I do??

Sincerely, Mr. Struggle

Dear Mr. Struggle,

I think you should go for it! But first make sure she’s into you. If she just sees you as a friend, asking her can make it awkward between the two of you. Look for the signs: eye contact, hair twirling, blushing, and other obvious signs of flirting. If she calls you bro, buddy, or dude, then ABORT MISSION! Don’t abort if you’re fine going as friends. If you notice at least three of these signs, you’re in. Now for the actual asking. Know what she likes, most girls want something simple and sweet. If you’re unsure of her answer, try asking her in a less public place. That way she will feel more comfortable. Lastly, confidence is key, step out of your comfort zone! Good luck!

Sincerely, Sequoia

Dear Penelope,

Where should I go for dinner? And should I pay for my date as well?

Sincerely, Hungry and Confused

Dear, Hungry and Confused

Well, it all depends on if you are wanting to spend a little extra or keep it casual. In my opinion, Prom is more elegant than other dances like formal and Sadie’s. So I think it’s more appropriate to spend a little more. Now, if you are going as just friends, then I don’t think it’s necessary to pay for their dinner. If you two are an item, then yes. I think you should pay for their dinner. Chivalry is not dead!

Sincerely, Penelope

Dear Sequoia and Penelope,

Should I go with friends or with a date? Which one is more fun?

Sincerely, Unsure


Dear Unsure,

I think it depends on the situation. I personally think it's more fun to go with friends. You can let loose and not worry about impressing anyone.


In my opinion, it’s more fun to go with a date. With a date, you get to take cute pictures together before going to dinner. You’ll enjoy yourself more, because you only have to focus on one person and get to enjoy spending time with just them. Going with a date is a more personal experience. Plus, when it comes to the slow dance, you’ll have someone to dance with.


But isn’t it a little awkward? Maybe if you’re dating the person, then it’s okay. But if it’s someone that you don’t really know, you’ll be worried the whole time about your appearance. Like do I have food on my face? Did I say something weird? With friends you can be your normal, weird self.


You can always go with a group but still bring along a date. Last year, my date and I went with another couple and it was super fun. That way you’re still with friends, but get to enjoy the perks of a date. You can take pictures and then go to dinner with your date, and then meet up with your friends at the dance.


Hear that folks? Go with someone who you’re comfortable with. Dates or groups, know what you like and where you’ll have the most fun. Don’t be afraid to go against traditions. It’s a memorable experience that you will remember forever, make it count!

Sincerely, Sequoia and Penelope


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