New Season, New Performances: Spring Concert!

With a new season comes new performances from our music department! This year choir, jazz combo, and concert band took the spotlight in the Spring Concert, on March 27, 2019. Special guests, the Guitar Ensemble from the Chawanakee Academy also joined in and performed. Directors Brett Moglia, from Minarets High School, and Bill Samuelson, from the Chawanakee Academy, were in charge of the concert.

Jazz Combo was the first to perform during the night, playing songs such as All The Things You Are, Autumn Leaves, Blue Train and a few other songs. Jayci Coon said that “I enjoyed playing in Jazz Combo. It was a new style of playing and we all worked together to play our best. I felt the performance went well, in my opinion, due to the fact it was new to me. Everyone did well, they all tried hard and played their best” she concluded. The members consisted of Davis Ceasar, Adam Colgin, Jayci Coon, Jacob Russell, and Thomas Stockton. After the performance, the members said that the performance went really well despite for some members being something different than what they’re used to.

Secondly, our guests from the Chawanakee Academy performed Eine Kleine Nachtmusik by Mozart and the Mango Walk by the Jamaican Rumba. Their members involved Emma Johnson, Caleb Lunch, Patrick Ryan, and Natalie Samuelson. Their director, Mr. Samuelson, was very enthusiastic about all students performing and encouraged everyone to come to some of the music events taking place in the next few months.

Choir took the stage next and performed beautifully with the songs Make Me a Channel of Your Peace and When I Close My Eyes. Marissa Alvarado, Amanda Anderson, Ildelfonso Anguiano, Merriah Dubois, Madeline Griffin, Sydney Hamilton, Maria Hipwood, Alexis Loewen, Jacqueline Navarro, Jolie Olsen, Makayla Pena-Rodriguez, Jaycee Roberts, Isabella Romero, Grace Schafer, Amy Scriven, Brianna Stephens, Hazel Taintor, Hazel Takash, Ananliese Torres, and Mary Uribe were all involved in the Choir performance.

Lastly, Concert Band finished the performance with songs like Aztec Fire, Cherokee Rose and among a few other songs. Jayci added that she felt sad the season was over, saying “I liked practicing and hearing Concert Band songs getting put together each time we play. I’m a bit sad concert season is over, but I’m excited for marching season! Next year, I’ll be in the music program and enjoy all the events again”. Their band members consist of Dane Altimus, Hayden Bebout, Phoenix Bedolla, Davis Buchanan, Davis Cesar, Jayci Coon, Elsa Crotty, Kylii Engleman-Huber, Lindsay Frampton, Christopher Freeman, Ryan Hough, Mercedes Leyman, Taylyr Moglia, Christopher Patalano, Zane Pearce, Autumn Pearson, Cecilia Pierce, Oberr Ramirez, Jacob Russell, Willow Sanchez, Audrey Simmons, Oliver Southwood, Patricia Stockton, Thomas Stockton, Savannah Stout, and Ryley Wood.

Patricia Stockton, a member of Concert Band, felt that “We did good and we could definitely do better, but we did amazing for amount of people we had. There were a few times I messed up but it was fine and we did really great”. Overall, each group did an excellent performance and played really well! We can’t wait to see where they head next!

Some upcoming performances are the Loggers Jamboree in North Fork on Saturday, April 6, 2019, starting at 7 p.m. The Guitar Ensemble will be performing at the Central Valley Guitar Summit at the Fresno City College on April 12, 2019. Following that will be a District-wide held concert at Hillside Elementary School on May 23, 2019, starting at 6 p.m. We hope to see you there!

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