Upcoming Southgate Film Festival

If you haven’t heard, the Southgate Film Festival is a screening event that students can submit their films and compete. Students will be able to share their talent to new audiences and have professional criteria by judges. The screening will be on March 29th at 6pm in the Tower Theater in downtown Fresno. There, the winners will be announced. A new event and opportunity is offered to students, but who is putting on this event ? It is our mustang Josiah Freeland who is going above and beyond, showing true leadership.This festival all started last year by alumnus Cole Shattuck and Josiah has decided to continue on this event. Putting on an event is never easy, one of the biggest challenges, according to senior Josiah is “Getting sponsors, people aren't willing or donate money, the cost is 900 for the whole event to be on.” Nonetheless, with a great team like principal Daniel Ching, media teacher Juan Ortiz, juniors Vanessa Nelson, Mandi Villanueva and Austin Mitchell the planning is in underway.

“Media in general has changed my life , I would not be where I was now , it gave me the path for the future.” Senior Josiah Freeland has always had a passion in media since the age of 9, after getting into media freshman year his skills began to flourish. “For me I think the biggest passion is for directing , being in a leadership position and working with new people.Not only do I enjoy the interaction but watching the final project after working hard.” Through passion and opportunities we can flourish as students, by working with a team that supports our goals anything is possible. As Mustangs we are held with the highest standards which makes us the young professional adults we are today. It is proven everyday, by students like Josiah Freeland.

For more information go to southgatefilmfestival.com or contact Josiah Freeland directly at (559) 905-5759.

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