To Whom it May Concern

I’m baaaaaack. Hey, everyone its Sequoia for the second edition of… To Whom it May Concern! So last week we talked about some of the stuff that you guys might be going through, especially you seniors. With the rest of your college acceptance letters coming in it can be stressful, the waiting. I actually just got a question about it.

Disclaimer: I am not a trained therapist or health care professional. These are just expressions of my opinions.

Dear Sequoia,

I applied for some UC schools and my applications are coming in this month. What can I do to keep myself distracted and not down as I wait?

Sincerely, Stressed

Dear Stressed,

I know what your going through. Those colleges should really get on that, how dare they make us wait! But seriously do something to distract yourself. Hang out with friends and maybe get back into a hobby you used to enjoy before things got so busy. Exercising is also a great way to keep your brain focused and the dopamine shock will increase your mood. It’s very important to keep a good sleep schedule so that you feel well rested and not stressed out. Just simplify your life with easy projects that will keep your mind at bay.

Sincerely, Sequoia

Wow, future! Am I the only one that's a little nervous for what's ahead? I check my email about fifty times a day waiting for that life changing letter. I’ll admit it's got me kind of down as I face the uncertainty of the future.

Maybe it has nothing to do with that, maybe it's the weather? I once read that the change of seasons can cause depression. Here's a question about someone who’s been feeling a little sad lately.

Dear Sequoia,

I have a friend who’s really down in the dumps. I’ve thought of talking to an adult to help her out but I don’t want to break her trust. What do I do!!?

Sincerely, Concerned Friend.

Dear Concerned Friend,

It can be difficult to know what’s short term sadness and what's depression. It’s important to watch out for signs. If she starts to pull away completely and shut you out, that would be a good time to notify an adult. Someone that she trusts like a teacher, counselor or her parents, if you’re close. But it sounds like she's still talking to you so that's a good sign. Try to talk to her about what's wrong and when I say talk, I mean listen. She doesn’t want you comparing her problems to yours. She just wants to know that you are there for her, she’ll talk to you on her own time.

Sincerely, Sequoia

As stressful and depressing this time might be, it's important to keep your head up and to keep pushing forward. I once read somewhere that it takes ten times longer to pick yourself up than it does to fall apart. So no matter how bleak things might be, surround yourself with people that you love and remember that it will get better and that you’re not the only one going through it.

Sincerely, Sequoia

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