An Evening to Treasure Returns!

Updated: May 24, 2020

Coming this May will be the annual Evening to Treasure!

The way it all began is with alumni Tiana Freeland. She realized at seventeen years-old that prom was something that her sisters might not ever experience just because of their disabilities. She was inspired to figure out how to make something like this a reality for everyone regardless of ability or disability. An Evening to Treasure became a reality when she joined with a team for her Senior Legacy Experience (SLE) at her school, Minarets Charter High School. Not only did Tiana’s event make a great impact on the school, An Evening to Treasure now runs every year as she desires to create wonderful memories for those with able and disabled bodies alike!

An Evening to Treasure is a free prom event for those affected by disabilities between the age of 15 and 21. Each of the honored guests receive a prom dress or tuxedo in the weeks prior to the event. At the prom, they partner up each honored guest with a host of similar age to have fun and make them feel very safe throughout the evening. During the prom, each guest gets their hair and makeup done by professional stylists, a tiara or crown, shoe shine, a corsage or boutonniere, formal photo, limo ride, a walk down the red carpet and celebrity wall, and of course, the dance. It definitely is An Evening to Treasure!

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